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Inclusion Hampshire

CIO Charity number:  1162711

Inclusion Hampshire is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) which provides education and training services.

Inclusion Hampshire has evolved over the years, from firstly being a Neighbourhood Centre which opened in 2005 and then establishing as an independent charity in 2008 (2008 - 2015 charity number 1126242).

Re-branding in 2013, Inclusion Hampshire has become a vital alternative to mainstream education, the organisation has recently become a CIO (new charity number 1162711) and offers successful educational and social development programmes for extremely vulnerable young people aged 13-25.

The CIO is governed by a board of Trustees and lead by the Chief Executive, Cheryl Edwards, who has overseen the growth of the organisation from the grass roots.


Chairman - Mr Sean Haffey

Treasurer - Mrs Amanda Minshull-Beech

Secretary - Mrs Sharon Pipe

Member - Mrs Rebecca Wilson

Inclusion Hampshire is on the Hampshire County Council register for approved Alternative Education and Emotional Well-being services

For a copy of our prospectus, email: info@inclusionhampshire.org.uk

For a hard copy of our prospectus, please email your address to :

Aims and Objectives:

Supporting Schools, Children's Services, Colleges and other agencies, Inclusion Hampshire operates 2 education centres which offer safe, secure and supportive environments for young people in need to learn and achieve.

We focus on providing individual, holistic emotional and academic support to students, equipping them with the skills, self-belief and motivation for them to make positive changes, achieve qualifications and return to mainstream school or college.

Our expert team of Tutors, Counsellors, Therapists and Pastoral Staff work with students and their families intensively to ensure change is long term and sustainable.

Our range of qualifications include:

  • Functional Skills Maths         Entry levels - Levels 1 & 2

  •  Functional Skills English     Entry levels - Levels 1 & 2

  •  Functional Skills ICT             Level 1

  •  Employability Skills

  •  Life and Living Skills

We also provide bespoke tutoring for  GCSE Maths and English Language

For young people who are unable to return to school or college, Inclusion Hampshire delivers a post 16 programme consisting of Traineeships and supported Apprenticeships across North Hampshire.

We provide assistance to employers who want to work with us and employ a young person by providing training, mentoring and onsite job coaches.

Call us today on 01256 760800 for more information.

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