Music Tech!

Our innovative music technology programme is proving to be a vital aspect in the lives of our learners, providing a turning point option that captures their enthusiasm, endeavour and commitment.

The programme encourages creativity and expression, working wonders for those with low self-confidence and esteem.

Often, as a result of our music programme, learners are more likely to re-engage in other parts of their curriculum.

The technology used can spark interests in science, IT and media.

Music is therapeutic and social and has already proven to be a wonderful catalyst for future positive development.

If you are interested in bringing this provision to your school or you have a learner who you think this would be great for, then call us today on 01256 760800

We have a dedicated therapeutic centre, where learners can take time out and come to us of for an hour or two of Music Technology.  We also have a mobile suite that can be taken into schools, homes or anywhere the learner can be reached!