Pastoral and Listening

Pastoral Care

Jane Gardener, Pastoral Manager

Jane Gardener, Pastoral Manager

My role is to support learners and families across all services.  I am involved with the referral process, meeting learners in their school and also parents on a home visit.

I am the Inclusion Hampshire representative at any agency meetings in which you may be involved in and can support you or mediate between you and that agency.

At Inclusion Hampshire we pride ourselves on our holistic approach and support our learners and their families in various aspects of their lives at home as well as at Inclusion Hampshire.  We work very closely with agencies, schools and parents to achieve positive outcomes for our learners.


Listening and Therapy

Sarah Goldring, Therapy and Listening

Sarah Goldring, Therapy and Listening

My role is to provide therapeutic support to learners aged  13—16.  I am qualified Counsellor, with significant experience in working with young people from differing backgrounds .

If learners ever have any worries or concerns, they can come  and talk it over with me.  I will listen and support in a confidential and non-judgemental way.

The flexible nature of our approach allows us to work with young people to address and provide support with a range of issues such as anger management,  personal relationships, anxiety and depression.

Learners have the opportunity to have a informal chat with me or book a longer appointment.



Life Coaching for learners aged 16+

Claire Crampton, Life Coach and Counsellor

Claire Crampton, Life Coach and Counsellor

My role is to provide life coaching  as part of the Post 16 Programme and you will have the opportunity to spend time with me for this.

Life Coaching allows us to define a goal and create the steps required to achieve it.

I can assist you in exploring options and thinking about the way forward when you start to make important decisions and choices about things such as work or housing.

I am also a qualified counsellor so I will also be able to speak to you about confidential issues that are on your mind.