Inclusion Hampshire

CIO Charity number:  1162711

Inclusion Hampshire is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) which provides education and training services.

Inclusion Hampshire has evolved over the years, from firstly being a Neighbourhood Centre which opened in 2005 and then establishing as an independent charity in 2008 (2008 – 2015 charity number 1126242).

Re-branding in 2013, Inclusion Hampshire has become a vital alternative to mainstream education, the organisation has recently become a CIO (new charity number 1162711) and offers successful educational and social development programmes for extremely vulnerable young people aged 13-25.

The CIO is governed by a board of Trustees and lead by the Chief Executive, Cheryl Edwards, who has overseen the growth of the organisation from the grass roots.


Chairman – Mr Sean Haffey

Treasurer – Mrs Amanda Minshull-Beech

Secretary – Mrs Sharon Pipe

Member – Mrs Rebecca Wilson

Inclusion Hampshire is on the Hampshire County Council register for approved Alternative Education and Emotional Well-being services

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