Cleaning Plan June/July 2020

Ensuring high standards of hygiene and cleaning is one of the best ways to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

Thorough and regular cleaning should take place using household cleaning products.

Inclusion Hampshire takes the safety of staff and learners of the highest priority and has the following cleaning procedures in place.

Contract Cleaners:

Office 5:

Our contract cleaning service will be giving a full clean to Office 5 at the end of each day we have learners on site. Aspire Cleaning follows all current guidance.


Communal areas:

Chineham Shopping Centre management have confirmed the following cleaning arrangements:

  • Entrance hall, stairwell, foyer and toilets will be cleaned by contract cleaners daily (am)
  • Centre operations staff will clean all touch points i.e. door handles, push plates, keypad, the push button exit switch and handrails 3 times a day, (morning, mid day and late afternoon).

In house cleaning: (day to day cleaning if all onsite are well, for cleaning advice if someone displays symptoms please see ’Cleaning guidance in the event someone becomes unwell’.)

To ensure standards of cleaning remain high cleaning will take place throughout the day.

 Inclusion Hampshire will provide sufficient cleaning products including:

  • Detergent
  • Disinfectant
  • Anti bacterial wipes
  • Paper towels
  • Cleaning cloths
  • disposable gloves and aprons for use whilst cleaning. 


Cleaning Schedule:

Before learners arrive:

Wipe of all door handles and touch points throughout the centre – including toilets.

Wipe of the photocopier after the printing of the day has been completed.

During session:  


Windows opened to aid ventilation.

One designated staff member to be responsible for the making of drinks. Food, if required, to only be made during a set time, with the same member of staff responsible for doing this.

Following this a clean of all kitchen surfaces and handles touched to be done by the same member of staff.

Dirty cups, plates and utensils should be placed immediately in the dishwasher and this be put on as soon as appropriate to do so.

Music room:

Windows open to aid ventilation.

Ideally learners to have their own equipment,  Items shared by learners should be kept to a minimum and disinfected thoroughly in between use. 


Table Tennis room:

Windows open to aid ventilation.

Each group to have their own equipment. This is to be disinfected in between each learner / staff member playing. Leave time between games for the room to ventilate following the activity.

Any touch points used excessively such as entrance to toilets.


Before the end of the session:

Prior to the learners leaving, touch points to exit to be cleaned.

After the session:

All the resources allocated to this group to be cleaned and disinfected and put away in their allocated boxes:, 

  • Stationery and laptops.
  • Music equipment
  • Table tennis equipment .

All tables and sofas to be wiped down with disinfectant.

All phones and the intercom buzzer to be cleaned.


All surfaces, door handles to be cleaned and disinfected.

Dishwasher to be emptied.

Any cleaning cloths to be disposed of, and kitchen towels to be taken away for washing.

If there is more than one session taking place in a day, the toilets are to be cleaned i.e. sinks and taps.

Disposal of cleaning cloths, gloves and aprons can be put in the domestic waste, unless someone has displayed symptoms of coronavirus, in this instance please follow ‘Cleaning guidance in the event someone becomes unwell’.

Allocation of cleaning tasks to be discussed at the morning briefing to ensure it takes place timely.


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